New Method To Stop Premature Ejaculation


Ejaculate impulsively is a common problem of couples. This results in an unacceptable sexual experience. It is all right if you will attain an orgasm part if you are having sex casually. But achieving a quick orgasm when you are with your loved partner is a big error you have to learn the ability of controlling your ejaculation. You should know how to last longer in bed for you to please the sexual needs and desire of your partner.

Stop Premature Ejaculation And Last Longer

Are you struggling with issues of premature ejaculation? Sick and tired of NOT having enough stamina to last during sex? Are you looking for ways how to last longer in bed for men improve your endurance in bed, but simply do not know where to begin? The simple truth is, while there is a myriad of ads, offers and products that promise you sensational improvements in your sexual stamina, the fact remains that… the vast majority of them do not live up to the hype.

The old distraction techniques used to go something like this, you are having sex with a woman and when you get very close to ejaculating you start doing math in your head or you start thinking about something strange in order to distract yourself and thereby last longer.

How can you last longer in bed without drugs and stop premature ejaculation from rearing its ugly head during sexual intercourse? It’s simple, you only need to take things slow; don’t go straight into thrusting. That’s one of the mistakes a lot of men make. I know, the sight of a woman’s naked body, her beautiful breast, or her precious jewels in-between her legs alone makes you want to slide your penis into her and pump your way to the land of joy. Well, the truth is, this fantasy alone is going to ruin your sex life, trust me.

If it’s missionary that gets your mojo going, a mid-romp switch to doggy-style can work wonders. Similarly, certain arrangements stimulate the penis more than others. As with most matters related to intimacy and to last longer in bed, this one’s pretty personal so our best advice is to practice, practice, practice! Likewise, varying the depth and rhythm of thrusts can be just the tonic for penetration that goes the distance.

You’re just lacking the knowledge of a hand full of skills that allow you to control and regulate your ejaculation. These skills aren’t reserved for only some guys. I know this because I’ve seen firsthand from the thousands of guys I’ve worked with face-to-face that anyone can learn them.

I know a few guys looking to last longer in bed have been waiting for this book and it’s finally out. Matt Freeman, probably the world’s number one authority on premature ejaculation and training to last longer in bed has just released Ultimate Lasting, his much anticipated guide and training system.