Last Longer And Be A Better Lover


Is it possible to use distraction as a way of making yourself last longer? Yes it is, and I am going to show you how you can do it better than anyone else.

It is true that some condoms, sprays and enhancement pills can add some crucial minutes to your sex life. But does male enhancement pills last longer to combat PE for good? Does almighty Viagra last longer to solve your ejaculatory problem forever? ForĀ lasting longer in bed you continue to take these pills? If you really want to learn how to last an hour in bed, then do it naturally and don’t depend on over the counter pills to last longer in bed.

Last Longer – Stop The Urge To Ejaculate

So underneath you can get six techniques to final extended in bed, which in the event you make into a behavior of carrying out just before / during intercourse, then premature ejaculation could become a detail within the earlier for you personally.

Between 20-40% of the men suffer from early ejaculation. That is why topics on how to last longer in bed for men have become increasingly popular. Just like any other skills such as walking, reading, writing, no man is born with the natural ability to have full control over his ejaculation. But such ability can be learned. Here are some tips to prevent premature ejaculation.

There are many ways of lasting longer in bed. One method might be appropriate for a specific case or individual while another methodĀ  to know how to last longer may not be. For instance: for a man and his partner who just wants to prolong their intercourse duration will likely require a different solution than a man who has trouble gaining/maintaining an erection. Taking OTC pills is one quick solution, but its effects are not permanent.

You can become dependent on them and, depending on your age, this may actually be a step backwards in the long-term. Statistics suggest that on average, men enjoy around 3 minutes of penetrative sex before orgasm. Women, on the other hand, take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes to climax.

Premature ejaculation sucks dude and you need to put a stop to this craziness before you start getting bad mouthed by girls who gossip too much.